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Units Of Torque On A Thickener

Conventional Thickeners Solid Liquid Separation

The torque capability of a thickener drive is specified as Duty Rating being the maximum mechanism design strength or the 100 setting on the Torque Control Box. The torque, in turn, depends on a K factor and the thickener diameter based on the following formula Torque

Dbs Mftg Industrial Thickener Drive Unit Catalog

TORQUE CAPACITY - INDUSTRIAL DRIVE UNITS D-SERIES CENTER PIER MOUNTED DRIVES MODEL DUTY TORQUE ALARM TORQUE YIELD TORQUE ... In most cases, the installation of a DBS thickener drive unit with a lift mechanism is no more complicated than a normal non-lifting thickener drive unit. S SERIES lift mechanism operates by raising and

Chapter 5 Sludge Treatment Facilities 51

skimmers remove floating material from the thickening tank to maintain a constant average float blanket depth. Floor rakes are essential for removing the non-floatable heavier solids that settle to the bottom of the floatation thickener. Most units are baffled and equipped with an overflow weir.

How A Thickener Works

Jul 13, 2016 The Dorr torq thickener is a new development in the unit thickener field. The raking mechanism is supported from a stationary central pier on which the driving motor and gear reduction are mounted. The feed may be introduced at the center through a launder suspended above the top of the liquid leavel or by means of a siphon feed through the ...

Thickener An Overview Sciencedirect Topics

The deep cone thickener shown in Figure 1.5 is again broadly similar in form to a conventional thickener, but the sides of the inverted cone have a much steeper angle, in the region of 37 . Units are available with diameters up to 15 m to process suspensions at throughputs as high as 70 m 3 h 1. A paddlerake system rotating at speeds ...

Improve Clarifier And Thickener Design And Operation

In this discussion, thickener will be used to describe both units. Also, a gravity separation of solids from water is assumed to take place. The most common unit is a circular thickener. The mass Eq. 1 and material balances Eq. 2 that form the foundation for the technique see Figure 1 are Q f Q u Q e 1 Q f x f Q u x U Q e x e 2

Drives For Clarifiers Amp Thickeners Sps Engineering

the drive unit is the mechanical core of clarifier or thickener that produces low speed high torque rotation of the sludge collector arms to permit positive sludge collection and removal for proper unit operation. sps designs, manufactures, assembles and tests the drive units for our equipment and also offers replacement drive units for aging ...

Drive Unit For Clarifier And Thickener

The drive unit shall be designed for the torque values listed in the table below. It shall turn the mechanism at the design tip speed when operating at 60 Hz. The drive unit shall be capable of producing and withstanding the listed momentary peak torque while starting.

Pdf Thickener Design Control And Development

Torque requirement incre ases with the slurry yield ... Several methods of determining thickener unit area have been compared for a lightly coagulated phosphate slurry and a highly flocculated ...

Clarifiers Westpro Equipment

Torque measurment for drive protectionAlarm torque setting High torque rake lift setting if required High torque cut-out setting High torque alarm with light and sound indication Emergency stop provision Capable of communicating with plant remote control system

4 X Flowrate 4 X 200 Riserate Mip Process

Therefore, for our 10m thickener, P 2 x TT x 0.21 x 36 000 60 x 0.5 x 1 000 N Actual Gearbox output speed rpm T Trip torque Nm E Overall efficiency 0.5 P Power kW 1.6 kW Use 2.2 kW

Thickeners And Clarifiers Complete Range Of Reliable And

unit runs steel traction wheels on a steel rail at the edge of the tank. Under appropriate climatic conditions, traction thickeners are ... High-density thickeners By adding depth and torque to a high-rate design, high-density thickeners improve underflow densities at a substantially lower cost than deep cone thickeners.

Gravity Sludge Thickener Bridge Mounted

1. Can develop high torque in compact units. 2. Torque tube is generally more economical than a torque cage in smaller units. 3. Can be installed in concrete or steel tank configurations. Generally most economical in tanks less than 50 in diameter. 4. Generally the most economical way to provide lifting of rake arms under severe torque loads. 5.

Thickeners Mip Process Technologies Pty Ltd

Thickeners and clarifiers are operating in the minerals processing, chemical water treatment, industrial and effluent treatment throughout the world. In addition to this existing technology, MIP Indusries Pty Ltd brings customized and tailor-made process solutions. In our design, we consider not only your process data, but also the long-term ...

Rotarake Thickener Graver

Rota-Rake Thickener Models Type HC Heavy-duty center-post design for large diameter units when torque-loading is more than 20,000 ft.-lbs. Torque cage or tube is used as the transmission unit. Feed System Water enters bottom of center-post, rises to inlet well and flows out through ports in top of post, losing initial velocity. Collection Method

Gravity Sedimentation Thickeners And Clarifiers Drinking

Jan 06, 2021 Cable Torque Thickener. The arm rake automatically raises when periods of heavy sludge are encountered. Continuous raking action moves the solids down to the withdrawal point and then the arm is raised back into an optimal position automatically. High-Rate Thickener. Diameters are typically 140 ft. or more with operating torques of 600,000 ft.-Lbs.

Pdf Data Analysis Of A Paste Thickener

As a separation process, a paste thickener produces underflow with a high solids concentration. Such underflow leads to a high rake torque which could cause serious operational problems such as ...

Delkor Thickeners Clarifiers

with drives in excess of 10 mnm of torque. ... as one of the pioneers of high rate thickening we can count on hundreds of units operating successfully around the world. Where water quality and clarity is the deciding factor we have our range of clari ers and Pinned Bed Clari ers PBCs.

Coal Preparation Solutions

Cage Drive Units Cage drive units are suitable for larger thickeners and can provide the torque encountered in heavy duty coal preparation and tailings thickening. The cage drive is supported by a steel center column. WesTech cage drive units are also equipped with a Torkmatic torque control and can be designed with lifting capabilities.

Clarifier Amp Thickener Drives Rock Water Equipment

Clarifier amp Thickener Drives. RockWater Equipment goals are to provide the best solutions for your clarifierthickener requirements. With this goal in mind, we offer multiple drive unit solutions through RSG and PRE so that we are able to match the best technology for the application. RockWater preferred manufacture of drive units are RSG ...

Gravity Sludge Thickener Center Column Mounted

Gravity Sludge Thickener Center Column Mounted. Thickeners are used in water and wastewater applications to take solids from other liquid solids separation processes and thicken the solids prior to further dewatering andor digestion. The drive is mounted on a stationary center pier. The rotating portion of the drive turns a structural torque ...

Clarifier Drive Units Clarifier Drive Units

Clarifier Drive Units. Back to Product Search. Walker Process Equipment Spur Gear Drives are precision Class 6 gear assemblies after heat treatment and include a split spur gear ring that allows access to replaceable bearing race inserts.

Texas Administrative Code

B A mechanical gravity thickener must use either a chemical addition or dilution water feed system. C A scraper mechanical train must be capable of withstanding any expected torque load. The working torque load must not exceed 10 of the manufacturers recommended torque load. 2 Design Basis.

Drive Unit Solutions For Your Business Flsmidth

Our thickener and clarifier drives are specifically designed for the loads and torque loadings inherent in sedimentation equipment. Our extensive experience in gear design and manufacturing combines leading technology with computerised parametric data to produce a complete line of application-engineered drive units.

Thickeners Dewatering Thickener Manufacturer From

Dewatering Thickener. Rs 24 Lakhs Unit Get Latest Price. We are involved in offering a wide assortment of Rapid Rate Thickeners to our esteemed customers. The products that we offer have robust, reliable, proven design and superior quality. This product has built its strength on a complete understanding of your process requirements.

Sakari Teerikoski Diva Portal

rake torque as a secondary variable, which makes sense in particular for large thickeners such as the one mainly considered in this work. ISSN 1401-5757, UPTEC F17 015 ... Thickeners are process units that are very commonly used at mineral processing plants. There they make

Section 11398 Dissolved Air Flotation

down the unit. The cutout torque is defined to be 120 percent of the continuous operating design torque. 4. Momentary Peak Torque The maximum or peak torque of the drive unit assumed to be equal to twice the calculated AGMA torque rating of the spur gear set or 3 times the calculated AGMA torque rating of the worm gear set, whichever is lower. 1.5

Thickeners Tenova

DELKOR drive range technology includes single planetary unit delivering 1.2 MNm of torque as well as multi-pinion center drive systems capable of 14 MNm of torque. With more than a thousand operating thickeners - our drive design is well known to be highly reliable and can be operated hydraulically or

High Torque Thickener Clarifier Monroe Environmental

High Torque Thickener Clarifier for Gypsum Sludge Challenge. A gypsum manufacturing plant was having trouble effectively treating its plant wastewater. Existing slant plate clarifiers were misapplied to the process and were unable to properly separate the dense, sticky solids contained in the liquid stream.

C54 Clarifier Drive Clarifier Drivesclarifier Drives

The C54 drive unit is used in Ovivo , Eimco Water Technologies or Dorr-Oliver clarifiers or thickeners. It can be retrofitted to fit any existing clarifier or thickener that matches the foot torque pounds. This drive unit is a column mounted drive unit.

Gravity Thickening Of Activated Sludge

Continous gravity settling simulates a thickening chamber and is thus much more representative of the real operation. In studying the process of thickening, two types of continuous thickeners may be used Laboratory columns varying from 0.5 - 2 ft. in diameter, and pilot plant thickeners

Conventional Thickeners Solid Liquid Separation

The torque capability of a thickener drive is specified as Duty Rating being the maximum mechanism design strength or the 100 setting on the Torque Control Box. The torque, in turn, depends on a K factor and the thickener diameter based on the following

Beginners Guide To Thickeners Metso Outotec

Jun 16, 2017 Operating thickeners for extended periods at high torque levels can negatively impact on gearbox and bearing lifetimes. Bed level Instruments measure the height of the interface between thickened slurry at the bottom of the thickener and the clarified liquor at the top.

Thickeners And Clarifiers Takraf Gmbh

Setting the industry standard for effective and reliable thickener drive technology Our drive range technology includes single planetary units delivering 230,000 Nm of torque as well as multi-pinion center drive systems capable of 14 MNm of torque these can be operated electrically or hydraulically.

Thickeners Amp Clarifiers Mip Process Corp

Conventional units low operating costs High Rate thickener special feed well design High Density thickeners deeper sidewall and more robust drive Paste thickeners Ultra high rate thickeners Our units are available in a variety of sizes starting